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Maestro Cav. Virgilio Marcianò.  Founder 1968.

Davide Marcianò.  Managing Director.

About Us

Marciano Music is an online store dedicated to selling premium musical instruments such as double basses, cellos, violins, saxophones and clarinets, to name a few.  Marciano Music was founded in 1968. This Australian owned and operated independent business, had music stores located in numerous locations around Melbourne Victoria.

From the latest records, cassettes, turntables, piano accordions and other huge range of musical instruments, Marciano Music was the “go to” music shop for quality musical instruments and audio equipment and accessories.


Since 1968, Marciano Music has grown into a premier LABEL SYNONYMOUS WITH QUALITY.


Marciano Music is known for quality musical instruments and accessories at an accessible price.

The aim of our online store is to provide customers with the opportunity to acquire quality musical instruments and accessories at a competitive and affordable price.

Our development process is based on a deep understanding of our customer's needs, some of which include high-quality products and excellent customer service.  We have been committed to selling quality musical instruments ever since the beginning of 1968.

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