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Welcome to Marciano Music

Marciano Music is dedicated to selling "Quality" Marciano branded musical instruments including double basses, cellos, violins, saxophones, clarinets and much more.

** Dear customers, we will be away from December 29th to January 28th.  If any orders are placed during this time, they will be shipped the week of January 29th when we return.  Thank you for your patience and for shopping at Marciano Music. **

Our Vision

Marciano Music is dedicated to enhancing the skill of our clients by selling high-quality and exclusive musical instruments at a low cost, without massive mark ups. Our aim is to foster musical proficiency, competency and creativity amidst our customers through the quality, craftsmanship and affordability of our products.

About Marciano Music

Mission Statement


To provide high-quality, uniquely crafted and distinctive musical instruments.


To provide long-lasting products for the benefit of our customers, from beginning students to professional musicians.


To deliver a premium and first-rate services at a low cost.


To manufacture and sell musical instruments which allow professional and upcoming musicians to create the language of music.

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