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Terms & Conditions

Defective products will be repaired free of charge or, at our discretion, replaced with a fully functional equivalent. This is dependent on products being returned to Marciano Music, shipping paid and suitably packaged within 12 months of the date of purchase. A copy of the original sales invoice must be included. Our warranty is dependent on the following exclusions/provisions:

  • The goods have not been subject to wear and tear from ordinary use.
  • No other person outside “Marciano-Music” has repaired or attempted to repair the product. This will render our guarantee null and void.
  • Any manufacturing defect does not relate to a cosmetic or finish fault (including silver plate or lacquer issues) as these are not covered by our warranty.
  • The products have not been subject to abuse, mishandling, used beyond the limits specified by the manufacturer and the customer has complied with any technical instructions for use of the products including those relating to maintenance and care.
  • The product has not been altered by the customer and any fault in the product has not been caused by use of accessories or replacement parts which were not original components of the product.

Any repair or replacement of a defective product will not renew or prolong your guarantee beyond the original period.